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How do I join Kentours Sacco?
How will I know if my account is open?
Is there a joining fee?
Is there a Minimum monthly contribution?
How do I benefit from being a member of the Sacco?
What is Share Capital?
What is the difference between deposits and share capital?
Do I get a return on both my monthly deposits & Share Capital?
Do I incur any withholding tax on interest and dividends earned?
Once I become a member, can I Introduce my spouse and children to join the Sacco?
Will I continue being a member if I change my employer?
Can my Chama / Investment Group, join the Sacco?


How long should I save in order to qualify for a loan?
Can I top up my savings to qualify for a bigger loan?
Does the Sacco buy Loans from other Financial Institutions?
How long does it take to process a Loan?
What is the difference between a Short Term and a Long-Term Loan?
What type of security do I need when applying for a loan?
Who is a guarantor?
What documentation do I need when applying for a loan?
What does it mean to be on Check-Off Arrangement?
How many Guarantors do I need to guarantee my loan?
What is the Savings ratio to loan borrowing?
Can I pay my loan in lumpsum and would I be charged extra?
If I guarantee someone, am I eligible to borrow a loan?
What is my Liability as a Guarantor?
Who are your Home Appliances Selected Vendors?
Can I change my next of kin?
What is the process of terminating membership from the Sacco?


Why do members pay Insurance Fee?
How long does it take to process Insurance claims?
What are the Insurance benefits to the Sacco member in case of death?
What documents are required by the Insurance Company?