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This is a loan granted mainly for the purpose of long-term development.
This is a loan granted to serve members’ most immediate needs.
This is a loan that caters for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary education. Members are able to ... Read more
This loan is tailored to cover fees for colleges, universities, and other tertiary training. Money is mainly paid to the respective institution upon provision of the relevant documents.Members are able to meet education expenses without being inconvenienced. Read more
These are loans provided to cover emergency situations such as accidents, hospital bills, court fines, etc.
Members are assured of financial help in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

This is a loan granted towards the purchase of household appliances such as water tanks, TVs, fridges, cellphones, cookers, solar equipment etc.
This loan helps Sacco members who do not have large savings to apply for a loan four times their deposits.
This loan helps Kentours Sacco Members to buy land in Kentours Housing Co-operative Society.
This is a loan granted to pay-off loans members may be having with banks and other financial institutions.
This is an advance loan meant to meet members’ most immediate needs.
Members can bridge their loans provided they have repaid the loan for six months and the loan balance is less than or equal to KShs. 1,000,000/-
Members are allowed to borrow more money to complete projects by applying for a refinance loan within twelve (12) months of the initial normal loan.
Members are allowed to top up all or some of their loans and service them as one thus allowing them to apply for more funds through other types of loans.
At the end of each financial year when accounts have been reviewed, members will be allowed to take their dividends in advance